Profits are guaranteed!

How to earn on arbitration of crypto-currencies?

At exchange №1 buy coins cheaply, at the exchange №2 sell coins expensive.

The program finds the difference in price, you only need to make transactions at a profit.

The instruction is step by step.

1. It is necessary to include macros.

Do not know how to enable macros?

Google to the rescue.

Who wants to save time, they can download a separate file that will automatically set everything up.

The file is included with the program.

Who needs it separately, you can download here -> 407-200-9588.

To who is too lazy to read, see the 30 second instruction how to automatically enable macros Microsoft Office Excel


Activated macros

Fine fellow !

With the first item you coped.

Attention, If the "OK! Macros are enabled" window does not appear, means our program is not compatible with your version of Microsoft Office Excel.

The program is created on Microsoft Excel 2007, on other versions has not been tested, we do not give guarantees of compatibility.

2. Launch the program coins.exe on arbitrage between exchanges

Who does not want to read further, we made a video instruction, accessible for understanding in 14 languages.

To whom everything is clear, they can go to the bottom of the page to download the program.

Attention! You can pay for the program only DogeCoin, if you do not have coins, you can buy them on the exchange 610-391-9839

There are two versions of the program,

one program for one day for $ 1 - so you can earn to buy another version for a month for $ 10

For users who earn on affiliate programs, register here -> Affiliate with a yield of 50% 

3. Choose your language

48 languages are available, if your not, then everything is intuitive. We hope that you will understand.

AZ Azeri

En English

Hy Armenian

Be Belarusian

Bn Bengali

Bg Bulgarian

Hu Hungarian

Vi Vietnamese

El Greek

KA Georgian

DA Danish
iD indonesian

Ga Irish

ES Spanish

iT italian

Kk Kazakh

Ky Kyrgyz

Zh Chinese

Ko Korean

Lv Latvian

Lt Lithuanian

Ms Malay

Mn Mongolian

De German

Nl Dutch

No norwegian

Pl Polish

Pt portuguese

Ro Romanian

Ru Russian

Sr Serbian

Sk Slovak

Sl Slovenian

Tg Tajik

Th Thai

Ta Tamil

Tr Turkish

Uz Uzbek

Uk Ukrainian

Fl Philippine

Fi Finnish

Fr French

Hi Hindi

Hr Croatian

Cs Czech
Sv Swedish

Es Estonian

Ja Japanese

4. Updating exchange rates

All currency pairs are separated by color

green - USD или USDT

blue - ETH

purple - BTC

gray color - currently no data

5. Fill in deposits

To automatically calculate the earnings minus commissions

USD and ETH are calculated on the page nz-hit-live

BTC is calculated on the BTC page

Click «Go» and watch the tables with all profitable pairs with BTC

From the table we see that if on the HitBTC exchange for 0.31 BTC to buy ERO coins and sell them on the LiveCoin exchange

we will earn a net profit of 8.4%, or 2 605 000 Satosh.

Attention! On the BTC page, all currency pairs with only BTC /..coin..

To quickly analyze currency pairs with USD or USDT, use the tab nz-hit-live

At the Poloniex exchange for 120 USD we buy LTC coins and sell on the LiveCoin exchange

we get a net profit of 3.1% or the full amount of 123.73 USD

For quick analysis through the intermediary currency of the BTC (on the right in the hidden part is an addition), sometimes through an intermediary currency the profit is more than through the sale directly.

Sample image:

At the Poloniex exchange for 180 USD we buy BCH, we translate to the LiveCoin exchange, BCH we sell for BTC, And then we sell BTC for USD, so you earned $ 6.30 net profit, or increased your deposit by 3.5%.

6. Short abbreviations

Polo - Poloniex

Live - LiveCoin

nz - Cryptopia

hit - HitBTC

column 3|6 number of confirmations for transactions (at the stage of completion)

Yellow bar on stock exchanges, problems in the process of working with them are not revealed

Exchanges without a yellow strip have been identified delays in the time of passage of transactions on certain currency pairs.

For example - the Putincoin coin for crediting to the Cryptopia exchange requires 200 confirmations that take more than 24 hours.

7. Caveats

Success in earning at arbitration depends on three factors:

1. Availability of a sufficient number of applications in the "column of orders" to purchase at the desired rate during the passage of transactions.

2. Transaction time, the shorter it is, the better.

3. An experience.

8. Wishes

- I would prefer to receive an income of 1% of the efforts of one hundred people, than from 100% of my own efforts. © Rockefeller

All the cards in your hands -> Affiliate with a yield of 50%

Program for inter-exchange arbitrage crypto-currency

The shortest philosophy of success is in four words: - YES! I want this!


One month program

One month program

You can pay for the program only by DogeCoin..


One day program

One day program

You can pay for the program only by DogeCoin..


If you do not have coins DogeCoin, you can buy them on the LiveCoin exchange.